Anyuan Fairview Garden

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The following was taken from the plaque at the entrance of the park. No words where changed. Grammar on the plaque remains in-tacked.

Anyuan Fairview Garden, which locates in the most front part of Anyuan tourist area of the Red Army and covers 280 units of area, is consisted of 34 large builldings of various kinds that have taken years to be constructed. The total investment on it is over RMB 560 million yuan.

Being built along the mountain and with well-arranged layout, the scenic area appears the typical garden style in the south regions of the Yangtze River. Here, pavilions and gazebos stand in great numbers while palace halls and zigzag verandas can be found everywhere; streets and alleys are creeping while clear water is rippling; rocks are fantastic while woods are unusual; flowers are gorgeous while grasses are verdurous.

Taking the classical style buildings as the carrier, the garden manifests the local manners and feelings with strong characteristics, highlights the charm of fantastic and brilliant folk culture, and reveals the exquisite and skillful folk art. It possesses of exhibition halls, and has over 3500 pieces of collections, such as, the remains of ancient exorcising, horizontal inscribed boards of Qing Dynasty, stoned and wooded carvings, antique furniture, paintings and calligraphies, Buddhist statues, various sculptures as well as other collections.

Walking into the scenic area, it may be dreamlike that you were in the colorful Grand View Garden or a dazzling expo. Visitors may make a soul conversation with history, because intimate to the traditions, perceive the significance of culture and feel the charm of art. Anyuan Fairview Garden is the national cultural industry demonstration base of the Ministry of Culture.
Anyuan Fairview Garden Map

Map of Anyuan Fairview Garden

Anyuan Fairview Garden Entrance

The Entrance to Anyuan Fairview Garden.

Admission is RMB 30 Yuan per person

Anyuan Fairview Garden Courtyard

Luo Chinese Hall

Qianjian Tower

Qianjian Tower

Anyuan North Halls

A View of some of the North Halls from Fairview Square


Looking towards Fairview Passage from Fairview Square

Anyuan North Halls

Another view of the North Halls

Anyuan Fairview Garden Canal


Anyuan Fairview Garden Stone Statue

One of the many natural stone monuments you will find throughout the park

Fairview Pavilion

The Fairview Pavilion looking towards Fairview Palace

Fairview Pavilion Ceiling

The ceiling artwork of the Fairview Pavilion
Kunshun Tower

Kunshun Tower

Anyuan Corridor

Looking at Kunshun Tower from the Clouds Corridor

Anyuan Fairview Garden Building


Anyuan Fairview Garden Building


Anyuan Fairview Garden Building


Anyuan Fairview Garden Building


Anyuan Fairview Garden Building


Anyuan Fairview Garden Building


Anyuan Fairview Garden Wall Art
hese are just some of the photos I took of the buildings exteriors. On the following page you can see pictures of the interior design used within these structures. Since I didn't want to have each page take so long to load, I put the pictures of some of the artifacts inside the buildings on another page. You can view them here.

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