Tonglu City in Hangzhou County Zhejiang Province China

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TongluTonglu County is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province in the middle reaches of the Qiantang River. It is under the administration of Hangzhou City. It is east to Zhuji, south of Huangpu River, Jiande, west to Chun'an, Northeast to Fuyang, and northwest to Lin'an.

Tonglu County covers an area of 1,780 square kilometers with 400,700 registered residents. Tonglu County has jurisdiction over 2 sub-districts, 7 towns, 4 townships, 18 communities and 183 administrative villages.

In 2009, the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries, such as knitting, pens and bags sped up the proportion of equipment manufacturing, food and pharmaceuticals in the area.

West Zhuang VillageNew building materials and other high-tech industries continued to increase, thus named as the Chinese Hydropower Equipment Manufacturing and Pen Export base of China.

Despite manufacturing in Tonglu County, Tonglu is renowned as China's Green County. Other recognitions include National Science and Technology Assessment Advanced County, the Most Potential Investment County in Yangtze River Delta, the Health Industry of Advanced County Rural Medicine and also China’s Garden City.


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