Tian Wang Palace

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Tian Wang Palace in Shangli

G319, Shangli, Pingxiang, Jiangxi, China, 337000

Latitude : 27.882419 | Longitude : 113.793945


Shangli Buddhist Monastery

Main Entrance to the Tian Wang Palace

The red banner above the entry roughly reads "Warm and dry welcome under the Master Tzu complex".


Rèliè huānyíng shàng gān xià cí fǎshī fù jiǎng wúliàng shòu jīng


Buddhist Monastery Ceiling

Buddhist Monastery Ceiling

The above two photos are taken of the ceiling in the entrance of the Temple ceiling. The red object with the buttons on it is the entrance door. It stands about 12' tall.


Buddhist Monastery Architecture

Look at the detail used in the construction of their buildings. Designed in the fashion of the Yingzao Fashi standardized around 1100A.D. by Li Jie (李誡;  1065–1110).


Buddhist Statues

Buddhist Statues

Buddha Statue

Buddhist Statue

Buddhist Statue

Buddhist Statue

Buddhist Statue

The above seven photos are larger than life statues inside the entrance of the monastery in Shangli. All of these are, as I said in the entrance hall before the sanctuary. The artwork, decorations and artifacts get more elaborate as you enter the actual sanctuary.

You just have to go and see for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Tian Wang Palace

  1. If you look at picture 5 with the 3 women standing in front of a statue giving peace sign look to the right of them does that mop have any history of the place? Cause it makes it seem that way… besides who put that there? Poor janitor he/she’s gonna get in to trouble. Also the golden statue why do they have him covered in glass? Is he a statue that if you touch it you’ll get pregnant? I read something about it but can’t remember where it was from or is everyone afraid it will get stolen?

    1. Nancy, You will see these mops everywhere. There is no “broom” closet they put these things in. No one notices them. No history to it at all. The statues all have protective glass in front of them to protect them from people touching them and no you wouldn’t get pregnant if you where able to touch it.

  2. wayne …
    there are many religions but only one GOD: ‘The Power of the Universe’ !!
    and everything is connected with everything through ‘consciousness’ !!
    stay healthy and God Bless …!!!

    1. Yes, you are correct. We all have our own names for this Supreme Being. God, Buddha, Jehovah, Messiah or whatever you want to call it, it is the real energy of the universe that makes all things possible. That is why we should all stop this global bickering. We are all of one. We all have the same ability to create as the initial provider did. There is no lack in the universe. There is more than enough for all. If people would only realize this and stop being so greedy, harmony and happiness will abound for all.

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