Ningbobang Museum

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Architectural Idea

Ningbobang Museum, Zhejiang, ChinaAs a monographic museum with rich regional and humanistic flavor, Ningbobang Museum is a perfect artwork of the suite construction which is greatly coincident with the flavor in the museum. As a whole, the layout of the museum is all around the scene of "three rivers flowing together", the main structure of the southern part and the guild hall in the northwest constitute an isomorphic architectural group. Commanded by the principle building, the architectural organism developing from structural grid system is of abundant space, distinct-textured skin and well arranged structure, which is like the Chinese character "甬" (Yǒng), the short name for Ningbo when looking down. Remarkably, the buildings interweaving the space and courtyard fully exhibit the elements of Ningbo, such as wharves in the south of the Yangze River and stilt-style stages.

Exhibition Structure
Ningbobang Museum, Zhejiang, ChinaNingbobang Museum is divided into two areas, with one to exhibit the overall history of Ningbo, while the other is the achievements exhibition area. There are six sections of the museum which focus on

  1. Introductory Hall
  2. Arduous Pioneering Life
  3. Great Contributions and Accomplishments
  4. Patriotic Spirit
  5. A Galaxy of Stars
  6. Carrying Forward the Spirit


Introductory Hall
Ningbobang Museum, Zhejiang, ChinaThis hall gives an essential explanation of the development history of Ningbobang, which arose from the Tang-Song period, grew up in the Ming-Qing time, broke over in the Republic of China days and integrated with each other during the modern times. As well, it overviews the stories between Ningbobang and the great figures, such as Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, and more during different periods of development.

Arduous Pioneering Life
Ningbobang Museum, Zhejiang, ChinaThis hall shows you the hardships through "Step out of Ningbo", "Struggle in Grand Ages", "Full play in contemporary Shanghai", Move towards the overseas", "Return to homeland" as experienced by the Nongbobang who stood out of so many business fellowships. And from the 1940s to 1950s they integrated into one stronger group from overseas. Ningbobang and local newly developing Nongbo people.

Grand Contribution and Accomplishments
This hall displays the meritorious achievements in the fields of shipping, finance, trade, industry, etc., which built up the legend of Ningbobang by titles of "Shipping courage and magnanimity expression", "Finance, new times of China", "Trade, leaders in contemporary Shanghai" and "Industry dreams to strengthen the motherland".

Patriotic Spirit
This hall displays the patriotism of Ningbobang in terms of "Holding the national interest", "Joining the democratic revolution", Vitalizing education", Dedicating to the national construction" and "Promoting the return of Hong Kong".

A Galaxy of Stars
This hall exhibits the splendid successes of Ningbobang in different fields by means of "Hometown of academicians", "Fertile land of experts", Source of culture" and "Cradle of educators".

Carrying Forward the Spirit
This is the last hall which shows the great long-last spirit of Ningbobang, who is not in fear of hardship, holding the deep patriotism all the time and makes dreams finally come true. Ningbo people are passing on and keeping in mind of the great spirit which can drive themselves to overcome difficulties and dangers and make more progress and success all the time.