Zhenhai District

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(Simplified Chinese: 镇海区; traditional Chinese: 鎮海區; pinyin: Zhènhǎi Qū; Wade–Giles: Chen-Hai) is a district of Ningbo prefecture-level city, Zhejiang, and also a town within that district. Located at the mouth of the Yong River 12 miles (19 km) north-east of Ningbo proper, the town of Zhenhai lies at the foot of Zhaobao Hill on a tongue of land. It is partly protected from the sea to the north by a dike about 3 miles (4.8 km) long, composed entirely of large blocks of granite.Zhenhai Zhaobaoshan

The Zhenhai district has a population of 200,000. Its jurisdiction encompasses towns, townships and street committees.

The British captured Zhenhai on 10 October 1841 during the First Opium War. The Zhenhai Coastal Battery was the site of the Battle of Zhenhai (1885) in the Sino-French War. From Wikipedia.




Air Defense Park


Also in Zhenhai is the Air Defense Expo Park of China. Here you can see some of the aircraft in use during the wars fought here in China.




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