Air Defence Expo Park of China

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Zhōngguó de fángkōng gōngyuán

Air Defence Expo Park of China
China Air Defense Expo Park project is a comprehensive cultural and educational program, which displays a total area reaching 40,000 square meters. The total construction area of the exhibition is about 18,500 square meters. It includes three parts, lobby, exhibition of civil air defense tunnel and a military experiencing area.

This project is authorized by the National Civil Air Defense office and established by the National Development and Reform Commission. Liang Guanglie, the committee of Central Military Commission, state council and secretary of defense, attaches great importance to the construction of the Expo Park and writes an inscription for it. Sun Jianguo, the deputy chief of the general staff, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.

The place has very deep cultural reserve of national defense. There has been many times wars against Pirates, England, France and Japan in history and there are many relics of national defense in this area. Ahenhai Kou coast defense historical memorial, with the name inscription wrote by comrade Jiang Zemin, is listed as one of the one hundred patriotism education demonstration bases nation wide. The project is planned, developed and constructed by Ningbo City Air Defense office and Zhenhai people's government together.

To take advantage of civil air defense facilities, modern information technology equipment, military experiencing and other methods, China Air Defense Expo Park is a comprehensive project to develop patriotic education, national defense education, civil air defense education; an important beginning to combine national defense, civil defense education and red tourism and promote the combining of peacetime footing with wartime footing civil defense. Improve social benefits and innovate the construction development.

The project fulfills the historical vacancy about failure to proceed with a systematic civil air defense knowledge and skill education sites: establish an effective platform to proceed civil air defense education of government, enterprises and the society together: create the means and methods to popularize and deepen national defense education. It is very important to improve the national defense consciousness in the whole society.

B-6 Bomber

The B-6 aircraft is a high subsonic medium range stragetic bomber, imitated by China from the former Soviet Union's Tu-16 aircraft. The B-6 aircraft combines the features of the Tu-16 aircraft with improvements in the design. Its maximum load of bombs is 9000 kg, and maximum range is 5760 km.

The B-6 aircraft exhibited here was the lead aircraft in the B-6 parade formation in the 35th anniversary of National Day, 1984.

  • Length: 34.80 meters
  • Height: 9.85 meters
  • Wing Span: 34.19 meters
  • Gross Weight: 41,320 kg



This MiG-17 is a single ported high subsonic speed fighter, which is developed from the MiG-156 N.C., whose nickname is "Mural" called NATO. Designed in 1948, the trial run of the MIG-17 was started from December 1949 and had been on service for the former Soviet Union since 1952.




  • Wing Span: 9.6 meters
  • Length of fighter: 11.36 meters
  • Height of fighter: 3.8 meters
  • Normal launching weight: 5340 kg
  • Service ceiling: 16000 meters.

Annihilate 8 FighterThe Annihilate-8 fighter plane is a high altitude and high speed fighter plane developed through great independent improvement on the basis of Annihilate-7, namely MiG-21. Its development was to satisfy the requirement of high altitude flight of China.

Annihilate-8 fighter plane adopts the aerodynamic layout form of air suction by nose, angle of sweep-back, small aspect ratio, thin delta wing, down horizontal tail and double ventral fin. This successful development of Annihilate-8 Fighter Plane marks that the fighter plane independently designed by China has reached a new level.

  • Wingspan: 9.34 meters
  • Length of plane: 21.52 meters
  • Height of plane: 5.41 meters
  • Max. off weight: 19550 kg
  • Max. level speed: Mach 2.2 (high altitude)
  • Service ceiling: 20,500 meters

Soviet Union Fighter Plane 27
Soviet Union-27 is a single seat, double-firing, all-weather heavy fighter plane with air superiority developed by Sukhoi Design Bureau of former Soviet Union and its main task is air defense of the homeland, convoy and sea patrol. North Atlantic treaty Organization gave it the nickname "Flanker". Development of this plane started in 1969 with its first flight on May 20, 1977. It went into batch production in 1979 and service in 1985.

This plane adopts the wing-body blending technology. With a smooth curve and protracting side wing outside the wing butt, central single cantilever wing type and normal layout of double vertical fin are adopted along with wedge type air inlets located in the front lower position of the wing-body blend which has a very good pneumatic performance. There is a paling-typed auxiliary gate at the bottom of the air inlet side wall in order to avoid suction of foreign bodies during rising and falling. A great deal of aluminum alloy and titanium alloys as well as traditional three-bridged wing are adopted.

  • Length of plane: 21.935 meters
  • Height of plane: 5.932 meters
  • Wingspan: 14.70 meters
  • Bare weight: 17450 kg
  • Max. weapon load: 4,000 kg
  • Service ceiling: 18,000 meters
  • Fight radius: 1500  kilometers
  • Max. range: 3790 kilometers Chinas No 10 Fighter plane


No. 10 Fighter Plane is China's first fighter plane that completely and independently owns autonomous intellectual property rights. In 2005, it was formally equipped in force and its fighting capacity had been systematically formed during a very short period. The western countries divide No. 10 fighter plane as the typical fighter plane of the third generation and consider it as the first kind of fighter plane made in China that really has dual fighting abilities of air supremacy and ground attack.

  • Length of plane: 16.43 meters
  • Height  of plane: 5.43 meters
  • Wing span: 9.75 meters
  • Bare weight: 8840 kg
  • Engine thrust: 132 KN.
  • Normal take of weight: 12,400 kg
  • Max. takeoff weight: 19,277 kg
  • Max. speed: Mach 2.2