Big Banyan Tree

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Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, China
N 24° 44.074 E 110° 28.843

What is so special about the Big Banyan Tree?

The Banyan Tree has survived wind and rain over centuries since it is said that the banyan was planted in the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and has a history of over 1,400 years. Its age and towering beauty make this tree a must-see attraction in Yangshuo. The Big Banyan scenic area is just like a Chinese landscape painting, full of artistic inspiration.

The Big Banyan Tree is about 7 meters (about 23 feet) wide and 17 meters (about 55.8 feet) tall. The roots twist irregularly and the thriving leaves stretch farther in different directions, forming the shade of about 100 square meters. The tree trunk takes six men to circle with their arms stretched out.
Big Banyan Tree
Although its stem is very old and its roots twist, its branches and leaves stretch out so lushly that the sunshine hardly penetrates its shadow. You can barely feel the heat under the tree in the hot summer. Sitting in its shadow on even the hottest day of the summer, you barely break out in a sweat.

When you look closely you see that it has beautifully twisted roots and gnarled branches. Its crown is round with an exuberant growth of branches and leaves. There is a huge branch stretching out straight starting just 1 meter above the ground. Enduring wind and rain for thousands of years, it is surprising that this branch has not been harmed.

It is legendary that this old tree witnessed the love between Sanjie Liu and her beloved A'niu. This Banyan tree is also known because of the Chinese film “Sanjie Liu” (The Third Sister Liu) was partly shot here, adding romance to the tree making this site more famous and attractive. The love scene has made this a popular spot for lovers amid movie buffs.

Now Big Banyan Tree has become a token of love and happiness and sweetness, attracting many lovers to come here to make wishes. As the old people told, for the couple, who make wishes here, will have their dreams come true, and for the single, who takes a photo with this tree, shall find his sweetheart soon. Every spring and summer, most pairs of lovers would rather the centuries-old tree to witness their love.

People in ancient times believed the tree to be as powerful as a god. Poor people look upon the tree as a doctor, capable of curing all illness. It is said that if a sick person writes their wish for health on a piece of red paper and sticks it to the tree, their wish for good health will be granted and they will recover.

You can see the Moon Hill to the south of Big Banyan Tree. You will get the chance to get close to the village under the hill to experience the local life. The hill, the water, the peculiar karst landform, the rural scenery as well as the profound Zhuang culture are crucial in forming the impressive landscape.

The Tall Banyan is on the west bank of the Jinbao River. There is an ancient ferry crossing under the tree called "Rongyin Gudu". Across the river, rocks of varying sizes, fascinating mountains and wonderful caves, make this area a must see.
Visited on October 14, 2012

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