Beijing, Capitol of China

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Beijing, Capitol of China

I had to go to Beijing on business to finalize some paperwork and the next day head off to Shangli so I didn't get any real time to visit anything exciting in Beijing. Below are some of the pictures I took while on my short visit to the capitol of China.


Beijing Hotel
This is the front of the Beijing Railway Station


Beijing Railway Building
Another portion of the Beijing Railway Building


Beijing Subway
Lights over the doors of a Beijing subway train letting you know where on the route you are located at any given moment.


Beijing China Street


Beijing China Street
Old Street in Beijing


Beijing China Bench Mark Stone
Bench Mark Stone

Beijing's bench mark is the datum point to compute and measure the altitude of Beijing. All of the topographic maps, buildings, underground structures, pipe networks and vertical control points are designed on the basis of this bench mark.

Made in Han white jade, this Stone is a cuboid which is 1 meter in height and 0.2 meter in width, and bears the Chinese characters which mean "For the Measurement of the Water Level of Beijing" on one side and "Capital Engineering Bureau" on the other side. The original "Shi" and "Jing" characters disappeared due to the weathering action. The Stone was discovered in the road works in Nanluogu Alley in August 2006.

According to historical records of Beijing Institute of Survering  and Mapping, the height of the peak is 49 meters above sea level. Four meters higher than the northeast corner of the Imperial Palace, it was then the highest point of Beijing inner city. This Stone was built during the early period of Republic of China (1914 to 1916). At that time, the Surveying Department of the Capital Engineering Bureau set up 80-odd stones for the measurement of the water level of Beijing and the corresponding precision was up to 1%. At present, there are no more than 3 such stones left in Beijing.



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