2014 New Year’s Day Arts Festival

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On January 1, 2014 the students along with a couple of the faculty, put on a New Year's Day Arts Festival. Below you can see some of the fantastic talent there is at this school.


Audience gathering for the show

Two of our faculty as announcers

The Principle welcoming the audience

A Mexican Dance

Dancing Teachers

Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera

Labor War

Clarinet and Violin

Fan Dancers


Vice Principle Sings

Dancing Girls

 Red, White and Blue Girls

Young Clarinet Boy

















Below are a few photos of the small Arts Festival put on by our younger students. This performance took place on January 3, 2014.




This is one of my students, Susan. She was the hostess for the performance.




We enjoyed over three ours of entertainment. Because there was so many acts, I was not able to upload everyone of them to this page. If you would like to see the edited video of the entire performance, one is available for a small fee of only $7.

100% of all proceeds will go to the school to fund their next years performance.


5 thoughts on “2014 New Year’s Day Arts Festival

  1. On the very first picture how did you capture it so high and who’s the person in the middle that looks like the tallest person there. Also if I wanted to buy a video how would I get one? Threw you or another web site? Susan would look great as a model some day, if that’s what she could be in trusted in but I think shes cute. Good for her for not being stage fright I know I would.

    1. I was standing on stage. The tallest man there is the video photographer on his platform recording the show. I will upload excerpts of the video to my website at a later date. No need to purchase one. Susan is one of my best students. She is in the fifth grade and speaks English fairly well. I have used her in several of my sixth grade classes as a teachers aid in the classroom, going over English lessons with them. She is very smart. She was a little nervous getting on stage at first but quickly got over it. Remember she had practice standing in front of and teaching classes of older students.

  2. hello wayne …
    lovely children …
    looks like they are learning a lot …
    glad you are there …
    I used to be a member of buddhism in Los Angeles called Nichiren CHO Chu of America and I used to pray kneeling with beads to a gohansen “Nam Yo Ho Renge kio” … I had the whole prayer booklet in my head … …
    enjoy and god bless …

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