Nseer Experimental School

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Nseer Experimental School




Ping Xiang Experimental Schoool Entrance


This is the entrance of the school. It is located in a village called Shangli. It is located near Pingxiang in the Jiangxi Province. The school has been established for ten years.

I loved teaching here at the school. It is a private school and the students live on campus. It is a private boarding school and the students live on campus. There are approximately 2,700 students and around 100 teachers. The curriculum here includes chemistry, science, math the Chinese language and English.




This is building 3. This building is where I did most of my teaching. Preliminary students on the ground floor. Second floor are the classrooms for grades 1 through 3. Third floor has grades 4 through six. Grade 7 is on the fifth floor and the 8th grade is on the fourth floor. The high school class is on the fifth floor of building 1.





Here is an artist representation of the schools layout. The entrance is on the south side of the property. The track is on the west end of the property. The first building you see as you enter the south gate is Building 1. This is where the high school students have classes. Behind that towards the north is buildings 2, 3 and 4. Building 4 just had ground break and is in the process of construction as I wrote this. At the far eastern edge of the campus, the lone building within the fork is the dining hall.

Between that and the four classroom wings are the two buildings that house the students dormitories. The one towards the front or south side are for the males and the one towards the back is for females. The last building behind the dormitories is the maintenance  and storage building. It is now being used as the dining hall for the preliminary students. My dormitory was located to the far west end on the ground floor of the male building.

The head school master told the entire school they would have a new foreign teacher from America arriving to teach them proper English pronunciation. After I arrived their daily teacher told me they have been asking her many questions about me. They all wonder what this foreign teacher is like.

I am the first foreign English teacher from America this school has had. All the students are very curious about me. Approaching the class door, many of the students rush up to me eager to say hello. Every one of them with big smiles on their faces. None of them has ever seen an American. They were all anxiously waiting for this moment.

My throat starts going sore by the end of the day, just saying "hi", "hello", "good morning" and every other greeting you can think of in response to all the students that want to speak to me. Alas they believe their English is poor thus they are shy. Between classes, many students want to say hello, so they will say hello and as I respond in kind, they run off giggling. Usually the females just stand there with a big smile until I say something, then they respond while quickly darting off to their scheduled classes.

If I were to run for president, I believe I would win by a landslide. I am considered a V.I.P. by some of the teachers, the Head Master and the Owner of the school itself.

I taught 22 classes. They are 45 minutes each. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I had five classes each and Tuesday and Friday, I had four classes each day. I was off for the weekends. Although I carry more classes than any of the other teachers, my total class time adds up to 16.5 hours per week. I don't have homework to check so I end up having a lot of free time.

That's 22 different classes per week, not four or five classes five days a week. I taught each individual class, one day a week. 

I had;

  • (2)- Primary school classes. Ages 5-6 years old.
  • (2)- 1st grade classes. Ages 6-7.
  • (2)- 2nd grade classes. 7-8 years old.
  • (2)- 3rd grade classes. 8-9 years old.
  • (2)- 4th grade classes. 9-10.
  • (3)- 5th grade classes. 10-11.
  • (1)- 6th grade class. 11-12 year olds.
  • (4)- 7th grade classes. Ages 12-13.
  • (3)- 8th grade classes. Ages 13-14, and
  • (1)- 9th grade class. They are 15 and 16 year olds.

A bit of an age spread. I had a total of just about 1,010 students that I was responsible for. I don't know if that sounds like a lot, but I loved it. Since I had each class, one day a week, each time I entered a class, the entire class gets very excited. The owner of the school told me he has received many reports from the students about how much they enjoyed my classes. I was surprised. I guess I must done something right.

In the first week, I gave most of my students an assignment. They are to write about themselves, family, China or anything they want. As long as it is in English (After all, I am an English teacher). I told them that if it is good, I would enter their paper on this website for the whole world to see. That got them ecstatic.

Here, students don’t believe in waiting for the last moment. They got right on the task. Within days I received over 120 letters back from the students. I was surprised at what they wrote. Most of them have written how much they look forward to my class day. Many have said they didn’t enjoy learning English until I came to the school and started teaching. It seems that I make English fun for them.

So, on the following pages below you can read what life is like here in China from the point of view of these young Chinese students. You will find that family is loved and although they may not have a lot of money, they are still happy. Many have wonderful dreams. I believe they will fulfill their dreams and help make the world a better place.



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