Liren Middle School Short Stories

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Some of my students are very talented. A written assignment involved taking a few key words and creating a short story. Below are a few of the papers I received from Class 6, Grade 8.


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The Bracelet of Xiang Fei
By Kate

gemstone-braceletOne day, a girl was sitting on the square when it was raining heavily. She was so sad that she didn’t stop crying until a man who was wearing black clothes with a red dragon on it wanted to know why she cried. She told the man that she lost the umbrella her classmate lent her and she really wanted to find it.

So the man said he was the owner of an antique shop and gave her a bracelet. He said the first owner of the bracelet was Xiang Fei, the emperor of Qing – Qian Long’s favorite. To make Xiang Fei happy, Qian Long collected seven magical gemstones and mad the bracelet to give to Xiang Fei. The seven gemstones where Dan Bai Shi, Qing Jing Shi, Tuo Pa Shi, Yue Guang Shi, Gan lan Shi, Shi Liu Shi and Hei Yao Shi.

The person who put on this bracelet can find the things they lost. And after they found one thing, one of the gemstones would disappear. The first thing that Xiang Fei wanted to find was the bones of her husband Huo Ji Zhan. And the second thing Xiang Fei wanted to find was her hometown. Her wishes came true. So Dan Bai Shi and Qing Jing Shi disappeared.

At first, the girl didn’t believe the man but the bracelet was so beautiful that she put it on. Then the man told her “After you put on the bracelet, you can’t take it off or you will lose the things you found again.”

Then the girl went home. The next day, after she got up, she found one of the gemstones, Hei Yao Shi had disappeared. She had found her dog which was lost for two years. She was really happy and began to believe the man’s story of the bracelet. But when she went to the kitchen, to find something to feed the dog, she heard her mother was talking to her father. She heard the dog wasn’t lost two years ago but her father discarded the dog!

She was so completely shocked that she took the bracelet off. Just as she remembered the warning from the man, her dog ran out and got hit by a car! She lost her dog again! The girl was really sad but she put the bracelet on again. When she found the Tuo Pa Shi gemstone had disappeared, she didn’t find the dog but a video.

It was a party video of her and her friends. She watched the video and temporarily forgot about her dog death. To her surprise, the bracelet had fallen off again. The she heard the friends in the video say that they really didn’t like her and made friends with her only because the teacher liked her. After she heard this, the girl finished the rest of her weekend I silence.

The next day, the girl went to the school. Then she saw the umbrella her classmate lent her was on the desk. First she made sure the bracelet she was wearing was tight. After she talked with her classmates, she suddenly figured something out.

The girl ran to the man’s store and returned the bracelet to him. The man was surprised and asked why. “I don’t need the bracelet now” she said “because I figured it out. The things I lost, just never belonged to me. I won’t lose anything in the future.”

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Look at the Sky
By Margarita

birds-in-the-skyThere was a girl named Sherry. She was shy. She had long black hair and two purple eyes like sky. She didn’t have many friends. She always sits on the grass and sings alone.

One day, when she was singing, she saw a boy falling down on the road near the grass. She ran to the boy. She saw the boy was weak. She called a taxi to take the bot and her to the nearest hospital.

The boy was okay because sh took the boy to the hospital on time. The boy, Rum and his girlfriend was so moved by Sherry. They wanted to give Sherry some money but Sherry refused. She said that helping others was normal.

When Sherry came back from the hospital, she knew she couldn’t forget that boy. He had beautiful eyes like the sea. But Sherry knew that that he had his girlfriend. Sherry couldn’t stop missing that boy named Rum.

Three years later, Sherry was walking on the road. Suddenly a car came. A boy rushed out a pushed Sherry. The boy was hit by the car. He was Rum!

In the hospital, Sherry was crying. She didn’t know why Rum helped her. “Are you okay?” Rum asked her. “Yeah, yeah, I’m okay. But you… why don’t you help yourself? Why do you help me?” Sherry was crying hard.

"Three years ago, you helped me. You said, helping others is normal. Today, I say it to you too. Do you know?” Rum smiled. “You’re helpful. And maybe you don’t know, I love you”. Sherry was shocked. She could not believe it. “But you have a girlfriend!” She said. “Oh, that girl? She is my cousin.” Rum said. “You… But you will not live in this world… You will die!” Sherry said.

"You give me second life, my dear. Oh, don’t cry. I will live in the sky after I leave. So, please smile…” Rum said more and more slowly. He was so weak that he couldn’t say anything. “I love you too!” Sherry shouted and smiled. Rum smiled and closed his eyes. He could never open his eyes again.

"My boy, look at the sky.” A woman was talking to her son. “Mom, there isn’t anything in the sky.” The little boy said. “No, Rum is here.” The woman said and smiled. She thought, “Rum, you see. I am smiling.”


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The Maple Leaves
By Ben

maple_leafThere were too many maples in a middle school. When autumn came, the maple leaves were tinged with autumn red. They were so red that they looked like fire. So everyone in this middles school called the maple leaves “Fire Leaves”. And the school was famous for them too.

In this school, a girl called Daisy and a boy called Dylan were best friends. They had a deep friendship, although they were in different classes. In fact, they liked each other very much, but they didn’t tell it to each other. Because they thought it wasn’t very easy.

However, they always said “Hello” to each other and often talked and shared everything after school. They felt so happy that they couldn’t stop smiling when they talked with each other. So there was no secrete between them.

Nobody knew that Daisy liked Dylan and nobody knew that Dylan liked Daisy either. Including themselves.

That year they were in grade two. They were each fifteen years old. Soon after they started a new term, Daisy’s sixteenth birthday came. To surprise Daisy, Dylan wanted to give something special to her. ”What can I do?” Dylan thought over and over again.

The maple leaves became red again and lots of them fell from the maple trees which covered the ground like a red carpet. It was so beautiful. Dylan stood here for a while. Soon he collected some of them then went back home. He knew what he could do.

Some days later, Daisy help her sixteenth birthday party. She invited lots of friends to the party. They all gave their gifts to Daisy. Daisy said “Thank you” many, many times. Finally, it was time for Dylan o give his gift to Daisy. “What will he give me?” Daisy said to herself. She was looking forward to it.

"Daisy, it’s your birthday. So, first I give all of my best wishes to you! Then, please look at the case in my hand.” Dylan raised a case. “Count. Three…, two…, one…”

"Wow!” Daisy shouted in a very surprised voice when Dylan opened the case. “What a beautiful flower! How did you make it?” There was a red flower which was made of red maple leaves in the case, with a card under the flower. The big words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” was written on the card.

Daisy felt surprised at first, then she smiled for a long time. Dylan felt very happy and soon was moved by Daisy’s happiness. Tears of joy fell from his face. Dylan spent three hours folding the maple leaves and turning them into a big red flower! He hid too much “I like you” in it and maybe she didn’t know. “That’s better. If she knows that I like her, maybe we can’t keep true friendship.”

The maple leaves were still red. But the weather was colder and colder. The mid-term exams were coming soon. So all of the students prepared for it in classroom from morning to night. The head teachers were so strict. Unless the students wanted to go to the toilet or it was the time for meals, they were never allowed to go out.

The students felt bored and nervous. So did Dylan and Daisy because they couldn’t meet each other often. They only could meet each other in dining hall.

One day they had lunch in the dining hall. When Dylan left his seat, Daisy was washing her hands. “Hey Daisy! How’s it going?” “Fine. What about you?” Then Daisy waved her hands but the water dropped to another student’s school uniform. “Well, why did you drop the water?” That student said in a little angry voice. “Sorry, she will never do it again!” Dylan replied quickly. Then that student said nothing and left.

"Thank you, Dylan.” “Not at all!” But at this moment, Dylan saw that there was some blood on Daisy’s left hand. “What’s the matter? How did you cut yourself?” “Err…” Without thinking twice, Dylan put a Band-Aid on her cut and gave her his gloves. Maybe it was so cold that anything can hurt you easily. “Please take more care of yourself!”

It was twelve a.m. Dylan wanted to do his math noon-work. But when he opened his book, he found that there was a maple leaf in his book. “It must be Daisy.” He smiled and hid it into a case. Then he ran to the maple trees, picked up a leaf and put it on Daisy’s desk.

So they always wrote something on the maple leaves and gave them to each other after lunch. They talked by this way! What a creative way! Day after day, the leaves in Dylan’s case were thicker and thicker…

Spring was coming, so there was no maple leaves. Unluckily, Dylan’s elder brother died in a traffic accident. When he heard the news, he couldn’t stop crying. And in his class, some of his classmates laughed at him. He felt so sad and angry, he shouted at them and hit the door heavily. This event surprised his teachers. They all wanted to know what happened. But when the teachers came to the classroom, Dylan had already left the school.

At that time, Daisy also left the school. The weather was terrible. It rained heavily outside. Dylan ran and shouted in the rain. He ran from one side of the mountain to the other side. His heart was broken! He ran and ran. Daisy following him. She shouted to Dylan “Calm down! Calm down!” But because of the rain, Dylan couldn’t hear anything. He didn’t stop running and Daisy kept running to follow him…

Finally, Dylan ran out of power. Suddenly, he knelt down in the rain and beat the ground over and over again. “Hey, Dylan! Calm down! I’m here!” Daisy shouted and shook him. But Dylan was faint.

When Dylan woke up, it was July. He lay on the bed in the hospital. Nobody accompanied him, except Daisy. When Dylan was in the hospital, Daisy visited him every day. She studied in the daytime and stayed with him at night. Everyone thought they were brother and sister. But they were wrong.

Because of his illness, Dylan couldn’t finish his studies in middle school together with Daisy. On the day they should say goodbye, they came to the maple trees. Because of summer, there were no red leaves on the maple trees. Only green ones.

They sat together under a maple tree. Daisy said, "Do you remember the flower made of maple leaves?” Dylan got a surprise then looked at Daisy’s eyes. “Do you remember we were talking by writing on the leaves? Do you know how I felt when I saw the leaves you sent me?” Daisy turned her head and looked at the sky.

"I…” Dylan didn’t know what he could say. At that moment he couldn’t be in control of his heart. His heart was beating heavily. Then they were in silence for a long time. The sun was shining bright and the wind was light. In the middle of the school, a boy and a girl sat together under a maple tree. They were in silence.

"Daisy,” Dylan said in a low voice, “there was a thing I never told you.” “What?” Daisy answered. “I… Maybe you know that… I… liked you for many years…” Daisy kept her eyes so big and after a little time she said to Dylan, “In fact… I liked you, too. I’m just not brave enough to tell you the truth. I was afraid that you did not like me. You just thought I was your best friend.”

"Stop!” Dylan shouted, then he held Daisy’s left hand for the first time. There was a boy who pasted a Band-Aid on this hand in the past. The hand in Dylan’s eyes was the most beautiful hand in the world…

"Dylan, I’ll leave the city for entering a college. In the time without me, you must take care of yourself. You should sleep well, eat well and study well, and don’t be worried about me.” “Yes, I will.” Dylan held her hands and closed his eyes. “I’ll try my best in studying and one day I will go to the school were you are!” “Good wishes. You are the apple of my eye.” Tears turned around in their eyes.

Autumn was coming. The maple leaves were tinged with autumn red again. It seemed nothing had changed. The boy was still here but the girl wasn’t here. The boy would never forget what he did for the girl and she would never forget what the girl did for him too. But he could only miss her by the maple leaves that he collected. That was the best melody.

To meet the right person at the right time, that is a fairy tale.

To meet the right person at the wrong time, that is called the youth.