Liren Middle School Written Assignment

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In Liren Middle School there are just three grades. There is grade 7, 8 and 9th grade. In the following papers written by some of the students, you will read that they refer to themselves as being in either grade 1 or grade 2. This just means that either they are in their first year or second year of Liren Middle School. So, grade 1 is actually the 7th grade and grade 2 is the 8th grade. Also, I have not altered their writing. There actual sentence structure has been left intact.



I'm Liu Chen Xu. I'm a middle school student. Now I'm a student in grade eight, class one. My dream job is to be an engineer. I like math, science and history. I think if I study hard, I will have my dream come true. Liu Chen Xu.


 My name is Iris. I am a 16 year old girl. I live in the beautiful city of Ningbo. I'm an active, lovely and clever girl. In the school my favorite subject is math. I like it very much. I like reading books, watching movies, taking a trip and so on. I like reading all kinds of books like, of course my favorite novel is "Guo". My English is not very well but I will study hard about English. I believe if you work hard, you can do everything well. That's all! Thank you! Iris.


Hello Wang Wei En. My name is Tony. This is my English name and my Chinese name is Yao Lin. I'm a student of Class 1, Grade 2. I'm an outgoing boy. For study, I like science and math best because I think they are interesting and exciting. They make me a lot happy. I have many hobbies, such as playing Ping-Pong, playing soccer and playing basketball. But I can't play basketball well, although I like do it so much. I'm friendly. I often help the people in need. I do that isn't only in order to give people good impression and I think do it can feel good. I like to watch TV on my free time and I like Zhen Xing Chi's movies because they always make me laugh. I think you are a good foreign teacher. You look very kind and you are so young in heart. Tony.



I had to put the following two letters in as actual photos of each letter. I wanted to show;

1) In the letter on the left, the handwriting of the student and

2) The letter on the right showing you just how sincere these students are.















You can click on either image. That will take you to the full size image.

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My name is Zhang Zhijing. I am interested in science and Chinese history. I can think as an adult while sometimes my behavior is just like kids (to tell the truth). I can play the piano well but I will feel quite embarrassed when people talk about my piano skills. I love classical music and pop music, such as "The Emperor" and "The Summer Midnight Dream". I have been to many cities in China and Australia. I always go to museums because of my great interest in history. I am not sure about my future job. Maybe about history or science. I love China because I love its history and food. I can't live without Chinese food. When I was in Australia, I even can't stand the food there.

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I'm a girl from Class 12, Grade 8. I think I'm a strange girl because I have different hobbies from others. I like traveling when I was a child but when I grow up, I find traveling is not an easy thing. I like traveling by myself but my parents won't agree. And I don't have enough time to travel where I want to go.

One day I knew there was a subject called psychology. Then I was interested in it. I started to buy books about it. And want to learn all about psychology. After that, I want to be a psychologist.

You won't believe that my grandmother a seventy-five years old people likes Snooker. When there is a Snooker competition, she will sit in front of the t.v. and watch the games. I'm always strange why my grandmother likes Snooker so much. And one day I sat near her and we watched t.v. together. Although I didn't know the rules at all but I still love that Snooker.

I love China because I think Chinese has long history and Chinese has lots of delicious food.


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On the following page you will find a few short stories written from the imagination of some of my students.

You can access them by clicking on the dragon.Dragon