White Gongfu Style China Tea Set

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Golden Dragon Tea Set

For a limited time, we have this beautiful Gongfu style China Tea Set.

The term "GongFu" in Chinese means skillful, and "GongFu" Tea preparation refers to a method of preparing tea with a Chinese Miniature Tea Set that enhances the enjoyment of the tea experience.

Tea can not be fully enjoyed without a nice tea set to serve it with, and this is especially important when drinking tea Gongfu style, or as part of a Chinese Gongfu Tea Ceremony. Part of the Gongfu tea ceremony is entirely about the aesthetic appearances and the display of the tea itself. Using a Gongfu tea set, you can fully experience your tea in all ways possible, delighting the senses.

Drinking tea Gongfu style is as much about the appearance and enjoyment of the brewing of the tea as it is about the actual drinking of the tea.

White MonkYou will receive one Gaiwan which is used traditionally to actually brew your tea leaves and pour the brewed tea from when brewing tea Gongfu style. One Tea Pitcher, which is also named fair cup and cha hai, which is used to hold the brewed liquor of the tea leaves which you actually brew in your Gaiwan along with eight Pinming Cups. These are what you pour the brewed tea into from your fair cup to actually drink the brewed tea from. A Tea Filter, which is used to filter tea leaves after brewing so that you may pour the tea into the fair cup and Pinming Cups without having tea leaves in them. And a pair of Tea Tongs used in the Gongfu Tea Ceremony to carry cups while warming them or bringing them to others.


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